Made by Hoop Dog



The name “hOOp dOg studiO” comes from one of the original “products” that we dreamt up. Dog images painted on vintage metal lawn chairs have become a staple of our product line. Some of the first dogs were circus-types that jumped through hoops – thus hOOp dOg.


Newest addition to hOOp dOg creations . . .

                             Lamp No.4  Lamp No. 2Lamp No. 3 Lamp No. 1


Dog Chairs over the years . . .







Paintings of dogs . . .

Husky1Weimer1Pomeranian2.4.10Rottweiler1Schnauzer1ShihTzu1BlackandTan1Bloodhound1 Beagle2.4.10BlackLab1Chihuahua2.4.10 GreatDane1ChocLab1 Cocker2.4.10FieldSpaniel1 FoxTerrier1FrenchBulldog1 GermanPointer1 GermanShepherd1 Golden-Retriever1Maltese2.4.10


Jewelry . . .


TokenYouMeFronta pearls5 TokenCrossCoupleFronta TokenExercisea


A staple in the hOOp dOg product line has long been the stained glass earring. The favored color is traditionally turquoise, but every color of the rainbow is available. And, of course, there are necklaces and bracelets!